Here you will find the registration documents for the International Lusatia Cup on 28.-29.09.2019 at the Matschenberg Offroad Arena in Cunewalde. The entry is subject to approval by the DMSB.
Entry Form ILP

Entry Form:


Technical Data Sheet / Safety Equipment
The data sheet must be filled in by the driver at each technical inspection.

Classes 2b, 4, 6 and 7 are approved under the terms:
ILP Regulations Special Touring Car 2019

Classes 2a, 3 and 5 are approved under the regulations :
ILP Regulations Series touring car 2019

The Trabant Cross Cup is approved under the terms:
ILP Regulations TCC 2019

Classes 1a, 1b, 1c and 8 are authorized under the Provisions:
DMSB Technique Regulations Autocross 2019

Classes 1a, 1b, 1c and 8 are approved under the provisions:
DMSB Handbook Automobile Sports 2019

Bank Details

Account owner: MC Oberlausitzer Bergland
IBAN: DE66855500001000074176

Important Information:

Please note:

Since the 2018 season, the opportunity to purchase a C license on-site at an event has been dropped.

Alternatively, a digital DMSB Start Pass (DSZ) offered. This can only be done in advance through the DMSB homepage < / a> or on-site with the DMSB app . It is equivalent to the National C license, but is valid only for the duration of an event. The price per event is 15, - €

Foreign drivers (without license of their competent federation) can, contrary to the previous years, only start with the DSZ and have to apply again for each event!

It is expressly pointed out that no internet connection can be secured on site and the DSZ should be purchased before starting!

Schedule and Track information
Friday, 27.09.2019


Saturday, 28.09.2019


Sunday, 29.09.2019


Schedule as PDF
The paddock opens on Friday, 27.09.2019 at 12.00 am.

No reservations will be accepted. Upon arrival, each team will be assigned a seat in the paddock. In order to provide the necessary space for all, the instructions of the paddock team must be obeyed.

Arrivals are possible all night Saturday.